ETC.etera (etcforshort) is the design marriage of

Sally Breer (co-mingle) and Jake Rodehuth-Harrison (studioJAKE)



A list of questions between founders Sally Breer + Jake Rodehuth-Harrison

What was the last song you listened to?

SB: "Walk on the Wild Side" by Lou Reed.

JH: "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin. Followed by "Xanadu" by Olivia Newton-John.


What's your forever outfit?

SB: A dark chambray jumpsuit with the simplest silhouette (no bullshit pockets or collars), my SALLY necklace, and my evil eye earring (barring I manage to lose it, but I'm going 10 years strong, so I feel confident that it will be around) 

JH: A jumpsuit. With another jumpsuit underneath. And a swimsuit under that jumpsuit. We're talking forever here, so I want to be prepared. 


What's your advice to someone who is just starting to design their space?

SB: TAKE. YOUR. TIME. To dream, to see where the light hits the room in the morning, to notice where you find yourself gravitating to read a book, how your friends interact in it, what direction you like best waking up in the space. And hit Pinterest hard. It's such a helpful tool to create boards and see what you're gravitating towards and why.

JH: Take your time, let the space speak to you. Make mistakes, try new things. Listen to your gut (unless it's rumbling, then you're hungry, so eat something before making major decisions.)


What's your favorite color?

SB: Well, what kind of weather is it?

JH: Blush (or bashful). Sorry, I watched Steel Magnolias this week. But I'm very into dusty pinks right now.


What song do you want played at your funeral?

SB: COMPILATION: "I Just Wanna Love U" by Jay-Z and "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone. 

JH: Brand New Key by The Ray Conniff SIngers.


Which five people, living or dead, would be at your dream dinner party?

SB: Nelson Mandela, Mary Colter, Kurt Vonnegut, Charlotte Perriand, and Muddy Waters. THAT WOULD BE ONE HELL OF A SUPPER.

JH: Bette Midler, Truman Capote , Anderson Cooper, my mother and her dad (whom I never really knew.)


What is your most treasured possession?

SB: A little sketch of this grotesque person on a 4x6 index card that my pop made for me when I was 8 years old that says, "Yippee! Sally, it only gets better!" 

JH: Argh, this is a tough one. But if my house was on fire, I'd probably grab my all the pictures from photo booths from over the years. (And the cat.)

Five words that describe you?

SB: Absurd. Curious. Sensitive. Ballsy. Passionate. (+rollerblader)

JH: Weird. Tall. Unexpected. Hungry. Flouncy.


Five words that describe your business partner?

SB: Playful. Thoughtful. Inspired. Present. Dreamer.

JH: Magical. Hilarious. Humble. Talented. Absurd.


Top three influences to your designs?

SB: My parents. Art. Creative's personal spaces filled with authenticity. 

JH: 70s interiors, when they weren't afraid to run wild, personal experience, and the space at hand.


Tell me a story.

SB: They lived happily ever after. 

JH: When I was a kid, my father, a musician, traveled a lot for work, so his unofficial anthem was Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again". When it would come on the radio, my mom would always say, "Oh, it's your dad's song again." So naturally, I thought that was my dad singing. For years, I thought my dad WAS Willie Nelson.



What's your favorite word to describe how a space feels?

SB: Magical. I think because it means that the space has transported me into someone else's feeling or mind or world that's outside of my own. And to me, those are the most inspiring spaces. 

JH: Effortless. 



What is your motto?


JH: "So, here's the thing..."


Batman or Superman? Wonder Woman or Catwoman?

SB: Batman + Catwoman. They're the more moody superheroes :)

JH: Catwoman, all the way. But Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman, none of that Halle Berry nonsense. 


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